Payment settings

If participants have to pay for an event, you can set a number of things in the 'Payments' section  on your dashboard, so the registration and payments will go smoothly for your participants.

First of all, make sure that that participation fees can be activated for your event by selecting a payment system on the 'Payments' section.

Then choose the desired payment system with which the participants can pay and how VAT is  going to displayed.

Choose a payment system

To ensure that your participants can pay for their registration, please choose a payment system first. There are 2 options, payment via Delft Congress Support or via Online Betaal Platform.
Read more about both payment systems here.


Set up payment methods

Participants can use different payment methods, set by you. Under 'Payment settings' you can choose the payment methods you want for your participants.
Read more about payment methods here.

VAT entry

You can set whether price components are entered including or excluding VAT and how VAT is displayed on invoices. This can be set under the Payment settings / VAT settings.
Read more about VAT settings here.

Invoice Settings

If you have chosen 'bank transfer - to your own bank' as a payment method, you can edit the details of your invoice here.

Payment reminders

Have you chosen 'bank transfer - to registrant bank' as a the payment methods? Then will automatically send payment reminders for outstanding invoices. You can use the default messages or customize the messages yourself.
Read more about payment reminders here.

Invoice banner

You can edit your participant invoice to the corporate brand of the event by adding an invoice banner.
Read more about the invoice banner here.

Admission tickets

You create different tickets fees by adding scenarios and mandatory and/or optional price components. If you use an early bird or a late fee, it is possible to set the validity of a scenario. You can also show a price component if a certain answer to a question has been given. In addition, you can assign a discount code to a price component.
Read more about admission tickets here.