Accepting/Rejecting contributions

When the reviewers are finished with reviewing the contributions, the organizer will end up with a list of all the contributions and their grades/ scores. It is now time to decide which contributions to accept and which to reject. You will give each contribution a 'status'. It is entirely up to you how you want to choose between contributions, but it will probably depend on your type of process.

Review decision

The goal of this screen is to give the contributions a specific 'status'. We already defined a lot of pre-made statuses. If you want additional statuses in the list, you can email us and we will add them. Statuses allow the organiser to send different emails to different groups of authors with the same status.

A common and easy way to give a big group a status, is with the use of 'with an average score between...' as selection-criteria. This allows you to quickly select a group of authors. For example, all scores below a 6 would be written down as 'with an average score between 1.0 and 6.0'.

Please note:

You have made the decision about which contributions to accept and which to reject, but the authors do not get notice of this immediately. The organiser has to manually notify authors by emailing them. The next chapter (Mail to Authors) describes how to do this.

Program committee contributions overview

This screen shows an overview of all the statuses of the contributions, after you finished the selection process.

Here you can search for contributions, look at their status and change the status if necessary. If you click on the title, you will get the following screen:

This page allows you to view the whole contribution form, but also to delete the contribution or to alter the decision about its acceptance.