Assigning reviewers to contributions

Types of contributions and topics can be assigned to the reviewers here.

On this screen you can assign reviewers to contributions or vice versa, contributions to reviewers. This depends on what you selected at 'settings Abstract Handling'.
At Topic you can choose between the different topics you created at 'settings Abstract Handling'.
At Type you can choose between the different type options you offered at the 'contribution type' question in the contribution form.

It is possible to declare how many reviewers each contribution gets assigned. You can choose a number from '1 through 10' or 'as many as possible'. Take the following steps if you want to assign reviewers and contributions based on topics (just like the example):

First choose and click on a 'topic' you want to base your choice on, then choose and click on a preferred 'type', after that you choose 'how many reviewers' you want to assign to one contribution, and then you press on 'assign'.
After you press the 'assign' button we match reviewers to contributions in the 'background'.
This means that the reviewers (and authors) DO NOT get an email straight away. The organiser has to send the emails manually. 

In case you get new contributions and you have to assign reviewers again, just press the 'assign' button again. The system will then automatically fill in the gaps.

You can also assign in a different way. It is also possible to assign a selection of contributions to a single reviewer. You can do this by selecting a reviewer and consequently by assigning a specific topic and type of contributions to this reviewer. An example can be found in the picture above: Loes Reviewer Recycling will review all the contributions with the topic Recycling Plastic and the type full paper.

Below you can see an overview of the amount of contributions per topic. You can see the following things about the topic:

  • The amount of contributions to this topic.
  • The amount of contributions that already has been assigned to a reviewer.
  • The amount of contributions that has not been assigned to a reviewer yet.
  • The amount of reviewers who got contributions assigned in their prefered topic.

This way you have a quick insight into the status of the assigning process. Here, you can also filter for specific topics.

Below the overview you can find the option to search through the contributions. In the search field you can, for example, search for the title or author of a contribution.

You will get an orderly overview of the titles of the contributions, the authors, the topics and the reviewers. Similar to the topics, you can also filter your contributions.

If you click on the title of the Abstract, the following screen will appear:

This screen shows a couple of things: you can delete the contribution, you can look at the submitted documents, you can see important general information about the contribution and you can view/change the reviewers (at contribution level).