Author and review accounts

As organiser, you will create a contribution form and a review form in Aanmelder. The contribution form will be filled in by the author who created his/ her contribution. The review form will be handed in by a reviewer who assesses a contribution.

However, the authors and reviewers only get access to this page after they have created an account. How do you get them to create an account?

Starting at your Dashboard, go to the website pages. Here you can find all the pages you made for your event website.

For the authors it looks like this:

For the reviewers it looks like this:

You can share the URLs of these pages with your authors and/or reviewers. This will allow them to create an account. After that, they can fill in a contribution form or fill in a review form.

It is also possible to already initiate an account for an author. This means that you, as an organiser, will create an account for the author. Start by clicking on 'preview this page'. This will open a new tab/page similar to the example below:

The button 'send author an email and add immediately (only for organiser)' will allow you to create an account for an author without their interference. This means that the author will not have to create an account theirself. You can also do this for a reviewer.

You can access the created accounts via the 'export data' button. In this file you will find links to all the different accounts.