Payment systems: DCS or Stripe

Depending on the choices you make when creating a paid event, we will select a suitable payment system for you, which we will link to your event. With this payment system your participants are able to pay for their participation using the payment methods that you can set once the payment system is activated.

There are 2 options: Delft Congress Support or via Stripe.

Delft Congress Support (DCS)

DCS is a sister organization of If you choose DCS, you will therefore always find this name on the participant invoices. With DCS, we will take care of everything regarding payments, debtor management and invoices for you, so that you don't have to worry about it. has gained a lot of experience with payments over the years. Based on this experience, we have developed a professional way to process payments with DCS.

If a participant has purchased an admission ticket, they make their payment to DCS. We receive the participant fees and keep track on the outstanding participant invoices, which you can also find on your dashboard in

DCS is available for events with Dutch VAT.

How does it work for your participants?

If your participant pays for an admission ticket via the registration form, he/she will receive an invoice from Delft Congress Support. When this invoice has been paid, we will complete the registration and the participant will receive a confirmation of payment and registration. DCS will of course then settle this admission ticket with you.

How does it work for you as an organizer?

All paid admission tickets that DCS has invoiced to the participants will also be settled with you. You will receive a invoice with all the collected participant fees after the event. This way your administration remains simple and clear.


Stripe. “The Payment Infrastructure for the Internet.” Millions of businesses, from startups to large enterprises, use this payment software to accept payments.

Stripe operates and is located in dozens of offices around the world, including in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), and processes hundreds of billions of euros for companies every year.

As an user, it takes fifteen minutes to create an account with Stripe, provided you have all relevant information at hand.

If you choose this option, as an organizer you will invoice the participant yourself and only the online payment will be processed by Stripe. You do not have to prepare the invoice yourself, will do that for you. The invoice is in your name and has your details. You can easily download these invoices to the participants and then process them in your own administration.
Stripe deposits the money into your own account after your event.

Stripe is available for events with VAT outside of the Netherlands.

Transaction costs
The transaction costs are the same at DCS and Stripe.


You may be organizing an event abroad. With Stripe you do not have to make use of the Dutch VAT regulations. You can select the location of your event and the tool will show the correct VAT percentage of the country in which the event will take place.

Please note:
Do not forget to fill in your bank details in the settings of your event (billing profile), otherwise we will not be able to pay you the participant fees after the event.