Element: image

The image can be aligned (left, right, center or across the entire width of the page). The alt text and title of the image can be added for the indexation of your website. You can also add a link behind the image.

You can adjust the size of the image by using the blue slider (= image height) or the blue dotted line on the left or right (= image width):


To optimise the performance of your website, it is best to use images that are not too large. Make sure you resize the images before uploading and adding them on your website page:

- Large images or full-screen background images do not exceed 500 KB.
- For an image that covers the entire screen, you can use 1,700 pixels wide.
- Most images for your website are 300 KB or less.
- If you have the option, always use the 'Save for Web' option