Export data

In this overview you find the status of all of the different contributions. It is also possible to download the data of the contributions/lists into an Excel file.

List with contributions

At list with contributions you can download an Excel file which gives an overview of all the data from every author and their contribution. For example, you can see when they submitted their contribution and when they made their last modification (you can only see this if you allowed authors to change their contribution after submitting, at the Abstract handling settings). The most convenient thing about this file is that you can approach the account of an author through the file.

List with contributions and related reviews

When you download this Excel file, you will get a list of all the contributions and their related reviews. This overview shows every submitted contribution plus their review score and review comments.

List with assigned reviewers

This list shows the amount of (assigned) reviewers and the amount of contributions. You can see which reviewer looked at which contribution.

List with all the reviews in detail.

The next list shows an overview of all the reviews in detail. You can, for example, see the average score and the overall recommendation. You can also filter on topics, types of contributions and authors.

List with reviewers

This Excel file shows every reviewer and their assigned contributions. In the file you will find a login link behind the name of a reviewer. You can send this link to a reviewer if you want to send them the login link of their account again. This link will take them to their account. The organiser can also use this link to access the account of a reviewer.

Uploaded documents of contributions

Last but not least, this is an overview of all the documents uploaded at contributions. You can download them as a .ZIP-file.