Group Discount

It is possible to make a group registration in You can activate the option 'group registration' in the website settings by clicking on the checkbox. Below registration and website accessibility you will find the text ´extra options´and here you will also find the text 'enable registration and payment of a group of participants by one person'. 
This is the group registration. 

Sequential, you have to set up the group tickets in the 'payments' tab. Let's say the third person can go to the event with a 50% discount. First of all, you have to set the price for the first two participants. 

Next you click on copy. 
The exact same tickets will appear. In this ticket, you will change the number of group registration, to '3 up to 3'. And change the price to 5 euros. Now when a group registration is being done, the 3rd person will get 50% discount. 

Once a participant is making a (group) registration, at the bottom of the registration form, they will see the option to 'save and add extra person '. Once they add the third person, the discount will be shown.

image-png-Mar-04-2021-11-26-30-24-AMTIP: Test the group registration in the preview of the registration form for three persons, to make sure the discount is working properly.