Group registration

You can add the option 'group registration' to your event. This option will give the possibility to register a group of participants all at once. When your event is a paid event, the system will create 1 invoice for the whole group of participants. 

Go to Dashboard > Website Settings (Event website) > Registration and website accessibility > Extra options.

Tick the box if group registrations apply and fill in what the maximal group amount is. Once this is done, the registration form for the participants will show a second button: 'Submit and add extra person'.

If you have 5 participants, you need to fill in the registration form 5 times. Suppose a secretary needs to register 5 colleagues for an event, she needs to fill in the registration form for each colleague separately. When the last person of the group is registered, she can click on 'Submit' (or 'Register and pay' when your event is an paid event) and then the group of 5 is registered. When someone wants to make a group registration this needs to be done in one go, if there is a group-discount for example and the person making the group registration decides to do half of the registrations now, half later, the group-discount will not be applied. Hence, needing to make all the registrations for the group in one go, make sure to let your possible participants know.  

If it is for a paid event, the invoice will not be sent to all participants, only to the email address provided in the invoice address during registration.

The person who makes the registration can choose to also send a copy of the invoice to a different email address under 'add extra invoice details'.


When you decide to use this group registration option for your event, we advise you to add an explanation in the registration form, so you can help and explain how the group registration works with the button 'Submit and add extra person' and that group registrations need to be done in 1 go.