Move answers

You have four different workshops, but want to change the order. You can do this easily by pressing the button "move or delete options".

When you click on it buttons will appear on the right side of the options. With this you can move or delete an option.

Suppose you do not want option 2 and you removed it by clicking on the cross. But you change your mind and you want it back as an option in the registration form. You can do the following; 

1. Click on the gear to go to the settings of this question. You will then see "show deleted options" at the bottom. Check this box. 

2. You will now see option 2 with a line trough it. By clicking on the plus sign, this will again be an option in the registration form. 

 when there are already registrations for an option its better to not delete the option.


At the eye (next to the arrows for moving) you can make answers invisible or viable again. If you let participants edit their form and you make the old answers invisible, only the answer given earlier will show. You cannot resend the form if you have not entered a new answer.