Moving events on an organisational level

Would you like to move an event to a different organisation? You can do so by using a relocation code.

Below are the 3 steps you can follow to move your event from organisation 1 to organisation 2.

  1. Choose the correct organisation on the top right.
  2. Go to the event you want to relocate to and click 'settings' in the pink bar. At the bottom of this page under 'Data management' you can find the relocation code.

    After clicking on 'Generate relocation code', copy the entire link.
  3. On the top right (see step 1) go to the organisation to which you want to move the event and fill in the code at 'Move event'.

    When you click on 'Move event' you first get this notification:

If you agree, click on 'Move event'. If you now go to the organisation in the top right corner, you will also see the event in your overview of events.


You can move an event if it is already published and/or has subscriptions, but not if you are moving it to an organisation with a different package. If you want to move an event for this reason, please contact us.