Multiple review rounds

You can set up the Abstract Handling module in such a way that you can build in multiple review rounds in the Abstract Handling process. Important: You can only start the next round when all the steps of the previous round have been completed.

Below you can see which steps you go through in one round:

  1. Authors submit contributions (first time)/authors update contributions (optional, after each round).
  2. Organiser assigns reviewers to contributions, or contributions to reviewers (direction of assignment).
  3. Reviewers fill in the reviewform for each abstract.
  4. Organiser makes a decision on the reviewed contributions (Accept/Reject).

If you have multiple review rounds, you have to go through a number of extra steps:

5. Organiser makes a backs up of the reviews from the first review round (export data).

6. After consultation, will remove the reviews from the previous round. Please note: these are only the reviews, not the contributions, nor the decisions from the previous round.

7. Organizer converts the accepted decisions to 'Additional reviews needed'. This is what you do at Accept/Reject:

At Review decision you can indicate which decision the first review has, and that you want to update it to the decision 'Additional reviews needed'.

After step 7 you have completed one round. Then you start again at step 1.

Please note:
You cannot start the next round until all the steps of the previous round have been completed. You do not want two review rounds to run through each other, because of this you lose the overview.