Set up payment methods

Participants can pay in different ways. Under Dashboard > Payment settings', you can select a number of different payment methods:

1. iDEAL
Participants can pay via iDEAL. Please note that iDEAL only works with Dutch banks and is therefore not suitable for international participants.

2. Credit card and Paypal
​​Participants can pay via credit card and PayPal (Mastercard, VISA and American Express)

3.  Wire transfer
- To (the participant will receive an email with the details for the payment. The status of the participants is 'payment pending'. When the payment is received, the status  will automatically change into 'registered').

- To your own bank​ (the participant will receive an email with the payment details. The participant's status is 'registered').

Statistics and payment terms

As for payment options 1 and 2, participants pay directly to We can then see whether payments have been received and thus automatically provide statistics about payments.

As soon as a payment is been received by us, the registration of a participant will be finalized. When the payment is not done yet, the status of the participant will be 'payment pending'.

The participant will be registered directly when the payment is online (iDEAL, credit card and PayPal), but for bank transfers this can take a few working days depending on the processing time of the bank.

If a payment takes too long, the registration will be cancelled. The status of the participant will be 'payment expired' in the registration overview. Online payments will expire in  approximately 2 hours and payment via wire tranfser will expire in 2 weeks.