Viewing survey results

By clicking on Survey results from your dashboard, you will see a list of all surveys belonging to that event.

There are two icons next to each survey: a 'people icon' and a 'graph'. Clicking on these icons will take you to the following overviews:

Respondent list

This will take you to the list of respondents. At the bottom of the list, you will find a button to create an export of the list. This contains the responses per respondent for all questions, including the open survey questions.
This list is very similar to the registration page which contains the list of participants in the same format.

Statistics per survey question
This will take you to the survey statistics page. These are the statistics per question in the survey. Here you will mainly find the total number of answers. This provides an overview of how many people have made a certain choice.
E.g. "How many people gave a 5-star rating to the first workshop?".


In the survey statistics, you will not find answers to open questions.