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What is the aanmelder.nl beta program?

Safe and secure software available early. Evolving, changing and developing up to the aanmelder.nl usability standards.

Early access to advanced technology

Some of our features are new and under intense development and show great potential. As this typically involves development of advanced technology, it can take a while to get these features to a release milestone. However, even during development many of these features are already very useful to some users. To make these available to you at an early stage we have launched a Beta program. This will allow you to leverage the power of these features without waiting for the final release.

Safe and Secure

Before entering into the Beta program, our technologies will be tested for safety and security. We will make sure that these features will not damage your event or disclose protected data. Safety and security aspects of these features will be completed before the features are made available in Beta.

What will not be completed is all the functionality of these features and the applicability of these features to all types of events will vary. Often the usability and user experience of these features will also be in development. You can be the judge of the usefulness of these features for your event.


The features in the beta program are evolving. This means that functionality will change over time and improve as more parts of the technology are completed. The user interface of these features can also change with the evolving application. We won't be able to promise that these beta features will stay the same and keep every function all the time but we expect usability to improve and that it will be very rare for useful features to disappear. 


Innovation is a core aspect of the aanmelder.nl culture and products. The aanmelder.nl beta program is part of our efforts to share these innovations with our customers at an early stage.


We don't want to innovate for you, we want to innovate with you. Join our mission to bring the most innovative technology to the worlds events. Help us by providing feedback on the features in our beta program and let us know what you think.