Deregistering a participant

A participant can deregister himself by returning to his registration form. You can also do this for the participant, being the organisor. To deregister a participant:

  1. From dashboard, go to Registrations
  2. Look up the concerning participant
  3. Click on the  image-png-Feb-18-2021-09-24-18-35-AM edit-logo
  4. Now you are in the registration form of the participant
  5. Select 'I would like to deregister'
  6. Decide if you want to inform the participant

    Deregistering a participant
  7. Click on the button 'Change participant data'


By deregistering the participant you do not request a refund. When a participant is entitled to a reimbursement, you request a refund. How to this, is written in this article