Deregistering a participant

A participant can deregister himself by returning to his registration form. You can also do this for the participant, being the organisor. To deregister a participant:

  1. From dashboard, go to Registrations
  2. Look up the concerning participant
  3. Click on the little pen on the right side.

  4. Now you are in the registration form of the participant.
  5. Select 'I would like to deregister'.
  6. Decide if you want to inform the participant by (un)ticking the box.

  7. Click on the button 'Change participant data'.


By deregistering the participant you do not request a refund. When a participant is entitled to a reimbursement, you request a refund. How to this, is written in this article



A participant can only deregister themselves when there are no payments involved or when a cancellation fee is set up.