Mail to reviewers

After assigning reviewers to contributions, you want to let the reviewers know they have received contributions and that they can start with reviewing the work. You can do this with the button 'mail to reviewers'.

There are 3 different statuses a reviewer can have. You can send different emails to each status group. The statuses are:

  1. 'Unfinished' - reviewers have not yet reviewed their assigned contributions. Reviewers can be informed via mailing if the contributions are ready to be reviewed.
  2.  'Finished' - reviewers are done with reviewing their contributions.
  3.  Reviewers without an assigned contribution.

After drafting an email for a specific status group, you can send a test email to see how it looks. You can select for which group the email is meant for.


If you do not change the text and subject of the email, we will only send the email to people who did not receive the email before. If you add reviewers to the list after sending an email, you can simply send the email again without having to worry that the reviewers receive the same email twice. However, if you want all people to get the email, you must change the text and subject.


You can use replacement words to create personalized messages.

You can also change the banner of a message. You can do this under the email settings of the event: go to Dashboard, choose email settings, scroll down to email banner and upload your banner.

Reviewers are now able to start reviewing. They can enter their reviewer account through your email. Here they will find all their assigned contributions. Reviewers are able to choose whether they want to review the contributions they got assigned. Therefore it may happen that a reviewer rejects to review a contribution.