Multilingual events

For an event with multiple languages, the Multilingual feature allows you to add a second or third language. These languages are added as additional translations to the main language of the event. For example while creating your event you choose the language 'English’'. This is the main language of your event. Then in the General Settings of the event you can choose to add an additional translation, for example Dutch. 

At that moment the feature is activated for the following parts within the registration form, the confirmation message, the change message, the deregister message and the survey. (NOTE: the translation must be added yourself, it will not be translated by


How to make an event multilingual?

In the General Settings in the Dashboard of your event, you can choose additional translations in addition to the main language. There are 3 languages available: Dutch, English and German.

How do I translate questions in the registration form?

Next to the settings of the question in the registration form you will see a new icon appear. By clicking on it you can translate the question into your second and/or third language:


An orange bullet indicates that the translations are not yet complete.


How do I translate the confirmation message?

In the E-mail settings you can translate the confirmation message, change message and deregister message. To do this, click on the translations icon next to the message settings.

How can I add a preferred language to contacts?

In the Excel-file for importing contacts you can add the language of contacts in column H. Note: Please use the following country codes in the Excel file. 
Dutch: NL
English: EN
German: DE 

Click here for more information about importing contacts.


How do I translate the messages in the message center?

When you compose a message, you can change the subject at the top of a message, and also translate it using the translation icon:

In the message itself, it is also possible to translate all elements such as text or buttons using the same icon. This appears when you hover over the element. See below:


Where do I find an overview of all translations?

In the Language Center you have an overview of all translations in the event. Here you can immediately see, if you have translated everything or if there are any translations missing. You can find the Language Center on the dashboard of your event.


In the future, this feature will also be available within other parts of, such as the message module and the event website. Keep an eye on our news page for the latest updates on this.