Pre-filled answers in the registration form

When you send an invitation via, you can pre-populate an answer to a question on the registration form (for example, a membership number). You do this by uploading the data in the contact list. To upload the contact list see the article Import contacts.

  1. Choose registration form from the dashboard
  2. Add the question you want to be pre-filled
  3. Search the answer-code of the question, you do this by clicking on the gear of the question to enter the settings.

 4. Copy the code between the braces

 5. Choose contacts from the dashboard

 6. Download the example Excel-sheet of the contact list, see the article import contacts for more       information

 7. Paste the answer code in the excel sheet of your address book. This is possible from column       G. Make sure you leave column A to G the same. 

 8. Complete the excel sheet and upload it to

 9. With the relevant question, the check mark pre-load contact details for invitee appears in the        resignation form 

When a participant registers using the link in the invitation, the answer to this question is already filled in on the form. 

It is also possible to pre-fill the address details of the participants. Use the following names for the columns in your excel sheet:

- street
- street_number
- zipcode
- city
- country