Sending SMS messages

When sending an SMS message, the mobile phone number must be entered in the relevant question in the registration form. This is the 'phone question'. It can be recognised by the telephone icon in the top left-hand corner of the question. 


When the telephone number is entered in the correct field, you can send a text message. This is how you do it:
  1. In the Dashboard, select Message center.
  2. Click on Create SMS.
  3. Choose to whom you want to send the message (only possible to send to registered people, or to the entire contact list).
  4. There is already a default message in there, you can change this. You will see words like eticket in the default message. For more information about this, see the article: automatic replacements.
  5. To send a test SMS, fill in your own phone number at test mobile number and click on the button: Send test SMS


  6. Click on the yellow button send to participants. This way you send the message.


Each SMS sent to a single participant costs €0.13. (also for test SMS)

The message may contain up to 160 characters. Please note that the code/link will also take up characters. A message will appear if you exceed the number of characters. Please be aware that the SMS message will not appear in your sent messages (as is the case with e-mail messages).