Setting web address

The web address of an event usually consists of two parts: the first part is "". The second part is a numerical code. The code is the number of your event. For example: "".
Changing this address goes as follows:

1. Open "Website settings" from your dashboard

2. Go to the topic "event website address".

3. Behind "website" you will see "". You can not change this unless you buy a domain name. 

4. In the field behind address there is a code. You can remove this code and enter your text. For example the name of your event: my_event becomes "". 

Only use (lowecase) letters and numbers with at least three characters, spaces are not possible. At preview you can see what the web address will look like. 

If you have your own website, and only want to display the registration form on a website page of your own website, click on embedding information

It is also possible to purchase a domain name for your website. If you already have a domain name, it is also possible to use it for your event website.