Tickets for a certain time period

Often people use a different price for different time slots, like Early Bird - Regular - Late fee.  
For one time slot you will get 1 scenario with all possible types of tickets. Below you see 1 scenario. The Early Bird/ early discount. 


Often you will have more than one ticket, for example regular - regular (with discount or members/ not members) - diner. Therefore the best option is to make all available tickets in 1 scenario. 

When you have made all different types of tickets for the first scenario ´Early Bird´ you can copy the scenario by clicking on the icon. 



When you have copied the scenario, you can change the name of the scenario to ´regular' or ´late registration´. It is important that the period (=date) of the different time slots are consecutive, so there are always tickets available for your event. When your early bird tickets stops at 15 September 2027, your regular ticket has to start at 16 September 2027.

Please note that you only need to change the prices in the new scenario, the name of the tickets will stay the same. This way the system will look for the same ticket with the same name in the Regular ticket fees when the early bird tickets are not available anymore.

Here you will find more information about linking tickets in the registration form.