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What is the aanmelder.nl ai-assistant.

Artificial Intelligence can help you with setting up your event.

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful new technology that can help you organize events. For example, by helping with event styling or formatting or preparing messages.
Aanmelder.nl is constantly developing this AI technology. So in the near future more and more helpful functions based on AI will be added.

You remain in control

The AI technology can support you, but it doesn't have to and you always remain in control. All the AI functions we develop, work in such a way that make you a proposal for your event, but if you don't agree with the proposal you can always use your own choice or ask the AI to make another better proposal. Nothing happens behind the scenes and we keep track of what has been modified by the AI.

AI in development

How good is the AI already at setting up event management? That varies quite a bit from situation to situation. AI is a promising and powerful technology, but it is far from being at the level of a true event professional. You as an event professional have your own style that the computer cannot match.

You should think of the AI as a highly motivated trainee. It can work very hard, but it is far from understanding everything about the job and some skills are still completely lacking. On the other hand, like interns, an AI can be tremendously inspiring and can come up with unexpected solutions. Another similarity with trainees is that an AI also needs a lot of information about the context of the job in order to achieve useful production. Therefore, where we apply AI technologies in our product we will ask you to provide much more information about the event so that the AI can use this as inspiration for work it does.

Data security

The AI technology used by aanmelder.nl is based on, and works with, techniques and service providers from around the world who in turn combine techniques and other service providers. Because the developments in AI are rapid, it is not yet possible to monitor this conclusively. This means that aanmelder.nl cannot give firm guarantees about the sub-processors involved and their data security policies. Therefore, we emphasize that with AI functions you better not enter confidential information and most certainly no personal data for individuals. Aanmelder.nl will not share personal data with AI suppliers at this stage. The only exception is, for example for extending a speaker bio, publicly available information about well-known personalities such as speaker and chairmen of the day.