AI Assistant is also curious about the developments within AI and is testing how AI can be applied in our own registration tool.

On the dashboard you will find a new button added in the 'Event website' part. This button is called "AI Assistant". What does this button do?

This button is part of the beta program.

AI can help you organize your event.

How it works:
Our AI assistant can help you with the design of your event website.

Enter 2 subjects and the assistant will help you find a suitable background image for your website:

Click on 'Create background image'

The system will start looking for the right images. You can also choose the color of the image here:
NB. These colors are from the color palette that you have chosen at Dashboard > Styling. You can also change it there into other colors.

Choose the image you want to use and it will be set as the background image on your event website!

If you want to change this again, you can always upload a different background image in the 'Styling' part on your dashboard.