Mail to authors

After you have decided which contributions to accept and which to reject, you can start mailing the authors about the results.


If you want that the authors can also look at the reviews of their contribution, go to the Abstract handling settings and check the following box:

You can communicate with authors in 3 ways:

  1. Based on the contribution
  2. Based on the type of contribution
  3. A general email to all the authors.

Based on the contribution

The list of statuses for authors is bigger than the list of statuses for reviewers. Beside a general status (Accepted/Rejected/Undecided/Additional reviews), can authors also get such a status for their type of contribution.

Based on the type of contribution

Authors can also be approached based on the type of their contribution. You can do this by using 'filter contribution types'. This drop-down shows all the types that earlier have been defined in the contribution forms.

General mail to all the authors

This option allows the organiser to send an email to all the authors. There is no template for this email, so you have complete freedom of how you want it to be. You will find the option to test your email below the appearance section of the mailing.

Please note:

If you do not change the text and subject of the email, we will only send the email to people who did not receive the email before. If you add contributions with the same status to the list after sending an email, you can thus simply send the email again without having to worry that the authors of the contribution receive the same email twice. However, if you want all authors with the chosen status to get the email, you must change the text and subject.


You can use replacement words to create personalized messages. You can also change the banner of a message. You can do this under the email settings of the event: go to Dashboard, choose email settings, scroll down to email banner and upload your banner. You can also edit the formatting of the message