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The new website builder also has the option to add your speakers to your website. You add your speakers and they are automatically shown in a nice overview on your website.
Please note: this module only works in combination with the new website builder.

You can add the speakers widget in several places on your website, for example on your homepage:

Example speakers on the homepage (scroll down to the speakers preview):

Example speakers overview page:

Before you can create an overview webpage of speakers on your website, it is necessary to create a new (blank) web page first and add the speakers widget on this page:


Add this widget on this page:

Your webpage now looks like this:

Go to Dashboard > Event website > Speakers:

This is the overview page.
You will see the following options:
- Add new speaker
- Search function
- Select one or more speakers

Click on 'Add new speaker':


You can add the following information per speaker:
- Image
- First and last name
- Organization
- Speaker details

Then go back to your website page. The page now looks like this:


You will see 3 icons in the top right corner:

Here you can choose from 2 templates for displaying the speakers.

Here you can choose which information is shown on the overview page.


This will delete the entire element with the speakers.

Change the order of speakers
You can change the order of the speakers using the button 'reorder speakers'.
Drag and drop the speakers in this screen: