Special personal data

When creating a registration form, you as an organizer are responsible for the questions you ask and the information you collect with them. 

Certain personal data can be sensitive for the participants and as an organizer you have to take this into account. This personal data include, for example; religion or belief, race, political preferences, but also citizen service number (BSN) is special data. 
We recommend that you do not include questions about this personal data in you registration form. 
Click here for more information about personal data. 

Do you have a payed event? In addition to your registration form, the participant will see 2 more pages before the registration is finalized. The page with the questions about the billing information and the page for paying the admission ticket. You do not need to process questions about billing and payment details in your registration form. 

Invoice details
Invoice address and other details for the invoice such as order number or reference are requested by default on a page that follows after filling in your registration form. The participant also chooses the payment method and is led to the payment page trough a secure environment where the payment can be made. 

Which information is requested here depends on the chosen payment method. With a IDEAL bank transfer you are asked for the name of the bank and IBAN number. With credit card payment you are asked for the number of the credit card. 

Our advice is to don't ask for financial data relating to the invoice, but especially regarding the payment, in your registration form.


Attached is an example of a registration of a payed event (with an IDEAL payment);

Page 1: Registration form

Page 2: Invoice details

Page 3: Payment