Overview payments per participant

As an organiser of a paid event, you have set the price that a participant will pay for your event. You can configure this yourself under the sections Payment and Registration form in your dashboard. Click here for more information about linking an entry ticket to your registration form.

If a participant has one of the following status: registered, payment started or payment expired, you can find more information following the next steps:

  1. In your Dashboard, go to Registrations.
  2. Search for the participant's name.
  3. Click on the participant's name.
  4. You are now in the overview of the participant's payments. Click on the black arrow on the left side.

In the overview you will see what the participant needs to pay, the chosen payment option, the date the payment was started and the status of the payment. If there is a 'x' through the money-sign, it means that the amount has not yet been paid. Under the payment, you will find detailed information on the status of the payment. 

In the overview under # you can find the invoice number and the 2 corresponding options:

1. Click on the euro symbol to view.download the invoice.

2. Click on the pencil icon    to manage, credit and change the invoice.



If the participant has received a refund, you will see the refund amount under 'status'. The icon will show as a euro symbol with a circle around it. 

E.g. this participant has been refunded 265 euros.

You will also find the same icon under "options". If you click on it, you will be directed to a different page containing all the refunds you have applied for this event. This way you can check if you have requested refunds for the correct participants and what their refund status is.


If you choose the payment option of a bank transfer (not through your own bank), aanmelder.nl will automatically send payment reminders. You can also set them yourself under Payments. For more information about payment reminders, click here.